Certified B Corporation

Slowing is a proud Certified B Corporation. A designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.



Slowing is a woman-owned and BIPOC-led business with a strong focus on nurturing relationships with local partners and suppliers that share our commitment to diversity and inclusive practices. We are dedicated to maintaining that at least 50% of our costs come from suppliers that directly represent these core values. Our advisory board comprises 80% women, reflecting our commitment to female empowerment and leadership.This approach is central to the Slowing's philosophy, aiming to empower underrepresented communities and contribute to creating equitable opportunities. Collaborating with local entrepreneurs who also value these principles, fostering a positive and lasting impact within the industry and the broader community.

Environmental Responsibility

We take responsibility for the resources we consume by doing our best to minimize our ecological footprint through a partnership with environmentally conscious organizations. This involves adopting sustainable practices in our operations, such as using renewable materials, reducing waste, and supporting reforestation projects.

Carbon Neutral Shipping

All orders shipped within Canada are now carbon neutral. For every tonne of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) generated, Canada Post removes one tonne of CO2e from the atmosphere by purchasing high-quality, verified and accredited carbon offsets. The environmental projects supported by carbon offset activities neutralize the greenhouse gas emissions created by parcel delivery.

Canada Post prioritizes Indigenous owned or led, Canadian nature-based offset projects. The carbon offset purchases are recognized by the BC Carbon Registry under the BC Forest Carbon Offset Protocol and verified by an independent, accredited third-party to ensure they are real, permanent and additional.